On Sunday, I was inspired to try large twists because of this video. I shouldn’t have tried to emulate her because I only have 6 inches of hair to her…I don’t know how long her gorgeous hair is, but I’m no where near it!

After I washed my hair with my Suave Professionals, I towel-dried it and began twisting using Jamaican and Lime Locking Gel, hoping it would help my hair keep the shape. It helps to divide it into sections.

As you can see, I held it down with bobby pins. As you can’t see, I sprayed it with Cantu oil sheen and Garnier Fructis hair spray for extra hold. Then I wrapped it up and went to bed.

Monday afternoon, I woke up like this:

Yeeeeeah. That didn’t look so great. And it was still wet. Solution?: Retwist into smaller sections, throw on a hat, and go to class!

I know I look a bit yucky here...But hey it was early.

Later on when it was revealed, it look like this. Not too bad, but the front look awful, which is why I have it hair-clipped down. Monday night, I retwisted it with water and shea butter into even SMALLER twists.

So, Tuesday morning I went to a job interview with only half of my head untwisted. I think it looks okay, and even works great in a professional setting! (I actually took this picture a few minutes before posting, the pictures I took this morning looked even better, but didn’t save)

Final verdict?: PASS!
It took me a bit of experimenting, but I found a style that I like. The process reminded me of bantu knots, which has a really pretty effect on my hair (I’ll show ya later), but because of the size and the way the twists were kept together, made it less time consuming.  It’s also not bad a a protective style for the front of my hair, which tends to break off.

What do you think?