Alright! Let’s see if I can remember exactly what happened. ūüėÄ

January 28th I went with Kristin to a huge discount beauty supply! It was a lot of fun, but
some of the products were very…old. I found one that looked interesting: Excele’s 5-
Minute Reconstructor

It claimed a lot of things: Deep conditions, strengthens & silkens hair, reduces dryness and breakage, and adds a lustrous sheen. Big talk, right? I wanted to give it a shot. (I also bought some Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1)

The next day, I decided to dye my hair red first. I figured the Reconstructor would repair the damage from it being dyed. I sectioned off a couple locks that I wanted completely red (ish) in foil, and then put the rest in ponytail holders and kinda slathered it on the

To keep it from drying out in the 30 minute waiting period, I put an old shower cap on.¬†When my time was up, I washed with my current favorite shampoo, and instead of applying the¬†conditioner, I used the Reconstructor. It. Smelled. Awful. I was right about it being old,¬†but I didn’t let the age and stink stop me, I faithfully put it throughout my hair just for¬†you guys. ūüėÄ No picture of that, but I have a few from right after I washed it out:

Interesting right? I don’t think my hair ever displayed a pattern like that before.¬†(Kristin later informed me that it might have been the Kinky-Curly I used in my hair¬†previously that made it act like that. Apparently Kinky-Curly takes a while to wash out.)

It was even more surprising when I dried it! I never get curls like this after washing out a conditioner. Always a wavy poof.

So, I styled it with a clip and bobby pins, and added a little Hawaiian Silky for moisture.

My hair got a lot of positive comments on my facebook, but because it was a little¬†damp before I went to bed, the curls were basically ruined in the morning. ūüė¶

Final Verdict?: I think this needs another attempt. I liked the result, but I’m not sure if¬†it was the Kinky-Curly or the Reconstructor. So far, I can’t tell if my hair is stronger, silkier, less dry, or harder to break either. I’ll try again in a few weeks!