I have a bunch of photos in this one! On January 31st, I didn’t know what to do with my hair. The cute curls from my previous post had degenerated into a poofy, lopsided fro, so after an hour or so of manipulating my hair and eyeing several different products, even looking online for inspiration, I chose to put in twists (very uninspired). First, I sectioned off the front of my hair so that I could pull it back into a little hump later.

Then, starting from the back, I took a vertical section of my hair and divided it evenly into fourths. I continued this going up to the front of my head, dividing as necessary to keep the twists about the same size. Each lock of hair I sprayed with water, added shea
butter, and then twisted. My hair tends to unravel, so I used little black rubber bands to keep the twists together until my hair dried. The first section I made in the front became a very fat twist. Finally:

Although I used shea butter, the front section looked dry. I just added some Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1. In the morning when I woke up, I carefully untwisted my hair, and voila!

Cute, right? It even lasted a few days! Day 2:

Day 3 looked alright, and it would have looked fine on Day 4, had I not been pulling the
twists apart in my hair. By the fourth day I looked like this:

I suppose I could have added moisturizer and pinned it back, but I was ready to try something new, which you’ll see in my the next post.
Final Verdict?: I really liked the result, and because of the twist size, the process only took about an hour. The key to this style is using a LOT of shea butter. I noticed the twisted that had more shea butter lasted even until the fourth day (if I hadn’t pulled them yet). The problem here is that they get kind of greasy, and if you’re anything like me, pure shea butter makes your scalp itch really bad! Also, my boyfriend didn’t really like my hair like this (although others did!). He really prefers my standard fro. Despite that, this style is a keeper! I’m probably going to tweak the process though.