This was my typical transitioning hairstyle before I started college. This is actually me at my college’s orientation. Everyday I would wake up, detangle my hair with conditioner in the shower and walk out the door dripping. I don’t remember how I came up with it, but since I didn’t know there were any online natural hair resources, trust me, I thought I was a genius. I got teased quite often, but I loved it because I had hair and lots of it! I think at this point the last time I permed was probably…I actually have no idea! Going through my facebook it’s hard to tell when I had a perm because at a certain point I almost always wore it as a wash and go or curled with rollers. Whenever I find a close up of myself where I can see my roots, they have that tell-tale sign of natural hair flat-ironed by a novice (me!).

The truth is, there wasn’t a time I remember in my life that I got perms regularly. No money, no time, or no interest, and hey I liked it better that way! Flat-ironing my hair for four hours was awful, but being chemically burned was way less appealing. I wanted to go natural since 2008, but I ruined all my progress by getting a perm a few times (maybe…3 times before I started college in 2009, and twice after) before I realized in July 2010 that I needed to get rid of the permed ends or it would be a vicious cycle of me transitioning, growing frustrated with managing the different textures, perming, watching my hair fall out, and resolving to transition again. I’m still glad I did it, and I can’t imagine going back!

Thinking back, this is why it is important to have an online community and natural friends to support you if you’re trying to give up the creamy crack. If I had had that back then, maybe I wouldn’t have given up so many times. Tell me what you think! (And scold me, if you like.)