Hair banding seemed like a good way to get an interesting affect on my hair and a blog post, so I tried it.

1. Start with clean damp hair, in this case I washed and detangled my hair first.
2. Divide your hair into one inch-ish sections. I didn’t divide them all at once and I got lazy at some point, as you’ll see, so bear with me.
3. Moisturize each section thoroughly and put a little shea butter at the tips. I don’t know if it works as a “sealant”, but it’s very good for your hair.
4. Use ponytail holders and wrap it a few times around the base of the section, then down the lock until you can’t go any farther. Each time, the ponytail holder didn’t reach all the way down (my hair is getting so long!) so I used little black rubber bands for the rest.

It’s a fairly simple, if tedious process, with the bonus affect of making you look RIDICULOUS. You can enhance the ridiculous factor by using a bunch of different colored bands. 😀 Here’s how it looked completed:

Yeah. I managed to get to sleep like that after covering it with a a satin scarf. When I woke up and took them out, it looked like this! (Don’t say anything about my bad skin, pretty please)

Pretty neat, right? Problem was, I was in a rush and had NO idea how to style it. My only real attempt look horrible.

So I gave up and combed it out.

Obviously that was a terrible idea. I pulled it back, tossed in a bow, and called it a day.

See what a little make up and a fake mole can do?

The bright side is that it really works well to stretch your hair! I’ll have to figure out a better way to get pretty results and style it. Have you tried banding before? This is only one of the many methods to do it, so how do you band? How do you rock your band-out?