What’s that? After almost a year of nothingness I’ve decided to blog twice in the same day? Yes, nonexistent readers, it’s true. After posting on my general, now turned sewing blog and taking a trip to Walmart, I’ve thought hard about it and decided that the death of my camera shouldn’t stop me from updating here once in a while. So while I save up for a new cam, here’s an opinionated, experience-based discussion.

Today in the freezer section while I had an armful of groceries (I almost always forget to grab a cart) I was approached by a fellow natural who, without any sort of greeting asked “How long have you been natural?” This happens to me a lot (and it’s always a little strange that they never say hello, but whatever), so I told her, and she proceeded to ask me about how I got my hair to do what its doing today and blah blah blah. Two things.

My hair looked like crap. I had a sinfully cute style two days ago (no pictures, don’t ask), but it didn’t hold up very well after releasing my ribbon and scratching my scalp like no tomorrow. (I replaced the ribbon when I realized I needed to go shopping, but still…borderline hot mess) I think the only reason she noticed it was because of how obnoxiously large my puff of hair was.

Was I supposed to ask her anything? Never fails, when people comment positively on my hair, clothes, style or ask me questions, I just say thanks, respond to their question, and keep moving. Am I obligated to ask her about her hair? Furthermore, should I compliment other women’s shoes (like that will ever happen)  if they say they like my shirt? I just don’t have a natural response to ask about or compliment others in return and it leaves stranger encounters a bit awkward for me. I also just learned about a year ago to take compliments instead of disagreeing with the person. That’s me…delightfully awkward and self -deprecating.

What do you think? And what makes people compliment strangers out of the blue? I rarely do it myself, so I’m at a bit of a loss.