So there comes a time in every naturalista’s life in which she wonders ‘Well my hair is natural now…Shouldn’t more things in my life be natural?’ And this can go a few different ways: She’ll either a) continue her life as usual with the regular chemical additives and processed foods, b) try to include natural alternatives in parts of her life, or c) turn into a natural nazi and probably piss off a lot of people.

I was A for a while when I first went natural. Chopping off my hair was a pretty big step for me because I’ve always idolized my mom’s long, insanely fast-growing hair.  I still bleached in highlights (permanent) and used other chemicals in my hair (non-permanent). I still ate crappy, over-processed foods (trying to be impartial here). Ahem. I still ate a lot of non-perishables, chockful of additives and more chemicals, and canned fruits. I was, and am still, in college, so it was affordable and it lasted pretty long.

Now, I’m in B mode because I’m trying to take better care of my body. I know its nearly impossible to live a completely additive-free life in my food and hair products, so that’s not my goal. So I’ve been buying fresh fruits and veggies (and cleaning them with a neat spray called Fit; it helps clean off pesticides!), getting dried beans and fruit to cook with and snack on, respectively, and drinking more water and natural juices (And Naked Smoothies. Oooh). On the hair care side, eating better means better skin and hair overall, and I have also gone the route of using essential oils and pure shea butter.

Sound good, right? BUT. I haven’t given up a lot of other things I don’t care to mention. I probably won’t, and I’m fine with that. And here’s were type C naturals come in. Some tend to judge and look down on others for not adhering to their arbitrary natural rules. Just because I bleach color into my hair means I’m not a natural to many people. And to them, it might be a sin to eat hot Cheetos. I guess that’s fine too, because I’m happy they way I am. How I describe myself matters a lot more than how others describe me.

…ANYWAY. The main reason for this post wasn’t to rant about varying degrees of “naturalness.” The previous paragraphs have simply provided background information for me to announce how I failed an attempt to only eat fresh bread. It’s gets moldy so quick! I tried for about 2 weeks, but I’m wasting too much food, so I went back to my favorite potato bread with all its yummy preservatives and food coloring. Hehe. And I never knew moldy bread tasted like dirt.