I was inspired to do mini-twists (my third try) again to get ready for my first real spring break vacation! Every year before this I’ve been a high schooler or stuck working a new job that I couldn’t take a week off from just yet. Well, my wonderful boyfriend and I saved up all the money we could and just…left. Haha, it was great! We brought friends, had a crappy hotel, fun, food and drinks…Oh, but you’re here about hair, right?

I don’t have any recent pictures, but here are some twist I’ve had before, as a reference.

Now, while shopping at the beauty supply store I came across this:

The famous ecostyler! I’ve heard a lot of good things and have seen it many tines, but this was the first time I decided to buy it because I knew exactly what I could do with it. You see, my scalp gets itchy. Everyday for most of my life, before and after going natural. So it had only been a few days to a week since I had these twists in and they were already looking fuzzy! This is why I decided to wash and moisturize my poor scalp (I also bought Jamaican Mango & Lime itch relief spray for good measure. Life saver!) and use the Ecostyler gel to help keep my twists intact. Take a look.


(It’s the less frizzy looking side with the product) Not only did my hair naturally curl up because of the water, the Ecostyler held the twists, the curly ends, and even made it shinier! I was very pleased once it was dry and even slept on it multiple times without any problems.

I’ll stop gushing over how great this was for the beach…Eventually. Water, wind, humidity and sun did nothing to it. I could headbang to my boyfriend’s favorite dubstep songs (ew!) and it was very touchable.

It even looked cool and stylish as a twist out, as opposed to the twist out from the last mini-twists:

My only problem was that it didn’t turn into an awesome fro like my last two minitwists did. Must have been the ecostyler!

It was still cute and pretty durable. And a great protective style. After I combed it out nearly 3 weeks later, there was only minimal hair loss. (And for those wondering, I’m fairly certain I used pure Shea butter and cantu moisturizer for my initial twists)

Happy twisting, everyone!

(Hint hint! The next post may be about straight hair! ;])


Who would have known my next post would be about a hot oil treatment?! Haha.

Soo my hair and scalp are feeling pretty dry.  It’s time for a hot oil treatment!

This is before I started. I feel a bit yucky about my hair, I mean all the sweating I do at the gym. It’s  too soon to wash it, so I decided to co-wash with V05 -passion fruit smoothie. This stuff smells so yummy! :3

This is after rinsing out most of the V05. Not it’s time to heat the oil, and section my hair!

My hair is damp in the above picture and I sectioned it in quarters. I sprayed it with a bit more water to make it a bit damper.  This is the oil I used-Mega Care Olive oil. The bottle  is only a dollar and it was enough for one treatment. I really should stick with African’s best, because that cost a dollar or two and it’s good for eight treatments.  Anyway, I heated some water on the stove and after letting it cool some I put the bottle of oil in the water and let it heat up.  Afterwards I took it out, made the sections of my hair smaller and applied the warm oil to my hair and scalp. I massaged my hair and then!

Twisted my hair in Small/huge Bantu knots thingies. o.o My knots really suck, I’m not sure if they deserve to be called Bantu. XD  I put a plastic cap on my head and took a little walk to get my body temperature up a bit. I decided not to rinse or shampoo out the oil. I think before I went to bed I put a bit of  (Elasta QP – INTENSE fortifying hair conditioning treatment-Review coming soon! <3) on my hair.  In the morning my hair/scalp came out sooo soft and moisturized. It looked so fluffy, I wanted to jump in it. XD The Bantu knots had stretched out my hair a bit so I was also showing a bit more length. I had pictures… but yeah.. I don’t know what happened to them. >.<  I had even gotten a few compliments on my hair. ^.^

(If I find them, I’ll post them later.)

Alright! Let’s see if I can remember exactly what happened. 😀

January 28th I went with Kristin to a huge discount beauty supply! It was a lot of fun, but
some of the products were very…old. I found one that looked interesting: Excele’s 5-
Minute Reconstructor

It claimed a lot of things: Deep conditions, strengthens & silkens hair, reduces dryness and breakage, and adds a lustrous sheen. Big talk, right? I wanted to give it a shot. (I also bought some Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1)

The next day, I decided to dye my hair red first. I figured the Reconstructor would repair the damage from it being dyed. I sectioned off a couple locks that I wanted completely red (ish) in foil, and then put the rest in ponytail holders and kinda slathered it on the

To keep it from drying out in the 30 minute waiting period, I put an old shower cap on. When my time was up, I washed with my current favorite shampoo, and instead of applying the conditioner, I used the Reconstructor. It. Smelled. Awful. I was right about it being old, but I didn’t let the age and stink stop me, I faithfully put it throughout my hair just for you guys. 😀 No picture of that, but I have a few from right after I washed it out:

Interesting right? I don’t think my hair ever displayed a pattern like that before. (Kristin later informed me that it might have been the Kinky-Curly I used in my hair previously that made it act like that. Apparently Kinky-Curly takes a while to wash out.)

It was even more surprising when I dried it! I never get curls like this after washing out a conditioner. Always a wavy poof.

So, I styled it with a clip and bobby pins, and added a little Hawaiian Silky for moisture.

My hair got a lot of positive comments on my facebook, but because it was a little damp before I went to bed, the curls were basically ruined in the morning. 😦

Final Verdict?: I think this needs another attempt. I liked the result, but I’m not sure if it was the Kinky-Curly or the Reconstructor. So far, I can’t tell if my hair is stronger, silkier, less dry, or harder to break either. I’ll try again in a few weeks!