I’m a 20-year old Theatre Performance major. I got my first perm when I was 6, and never really liked the upkeep. After two years of trying to transition and failing, I finally chopped my permed ends on July 25th, 2010. I’ve been natural ever since.









Hi, :) My name is Jasmine. I’m twenty years old and have been natural since early June 2010, having had permed hair for five years prior. Having natural hair has required alot of patience, trial, and error. However I am very proud of my natural hair and excited to share my experiences with everyone.








Hi! I’m a twenty -one year old natural named Kristin. I can’t remember my first perm, but it was probably in elementary school. My last perm was in June of 2008, before my 18th birthday. (I was forced.) I cut it all off with the help of my sister 2-3 months later. I went natural, because.. I’m a do it myself kind of girl. Also, I didn’t like my mother spending money on something that wasn’t nessary and I hated when the relaxer burned.


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